Our Brand

Takeme was born as a response of the need to create a comfortable product, but without losing the feminine touch. We have been working more than 10 years on a different and alternative footwear concept.

From Takeme we are committed to the environment, for this reason we use water-based adhesives in our manufactoring process in order to achieve  a reduction of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere.

Most components in Takeme shoes are extracted from trees, but without cutting them down. We use cork, from the bark of the Cork oak and  virgin rubber, from the Picus. In addition, most of our hides are vegetable tanned leather.

Feeling good is the idea you will hear as a new example of the confidence our customers have in Takeme.

Our shoes are  100% Spanish manufactured.

Our motto "Enjoy the Elements" and our brand "Takeme" encourage you to wear our shoes to enjoy the elements.

With Takeme, You'll feel good
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